Torey Pudwill primitive x DVS , shoe collaboration astonishing …

Then you stop at 0:50 and you’ll catch this…

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Rihanna’s new rasta style, what should that means..

KACY IN // Amsterdam

Kacy went in da town maaaan, for short 26 hours. Don’t worry, I’ll be back before the winter. Check - up : shitty hostel, very dangerous stairs, fast bicycles, not enough time, not that much tourists, great discover. I felt so lost, everything seemed so new. The Nederland language was a total ovni to me, it was like reborn in a new world. So we got lost a lot, but we directly get used to the many coffee shop breaks. The main shopping street is filled by sneakers shops, brands from Asos, and usual brands. I went to Patta, full of shoes and skateboards, and I saw some styled stuff untraceable anywhere else. The redlight district was interesting for the little shops selling mushrooms or cannabis lollipops, but I must admit that the girls behind the windows scared me.

This is where everything started. This is the place to be.

Those are just the most amazing Nike blazer sneakers in the world. [Nike SB Blazer low end theory, in Patta]

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